Adoption Support Group Finland: Special Needs and School

Welcome to a new event of Adoption Support Group Finland, the English-speaking community of adoptive parents and waiting adopters in Finland!
The group was started to support and empower international adopters living in Finland, with the help of the Finnish Association of Adoptive Families Adoptioperheet ry. The group hosts regular events to support adoptive parents. If you cannot join the event in person, there is possibility to participate remotely via Skype (see below).
All adoptive parents or adopters in the wait living in Finland are most welcome!
This event’s central topic is “Special Needs and School”. Our visiting speaker will be Leena Liusvaara, Rehtori, KT, Ressun peruskoulu, Principal, PhD, Ressu Comprehensive School. Contents of the presentation will include how schools in Finland support children with special needs, how teachers and parents can team up for inclusive education, and how the school can help support an additional mother tongue beside Finnish language.
2 PM Event starts, coffee is served to participants
2.15 PM Welcome and opening words
2.20-3.20 PM Presentation by Leena Liusvaara
3.20-4.20 PM Q&A session with Leena Liusvaara
4.20-5 PM Mingling: ask questions in private to the speaker & meet other adopters
  • Please note this event is for adults only, to grant a safe space to participants to discuss difficult topics.
  • If you have questions for the expert in advance, we encourage you to send them to our email address adoption.finland( AT ) or include them in the registration form. Please specify if you want your question to be anonymous and the organisers will ask it for you during the event.
  • To minimise costs, we kindly ask participants to bring some coffee break food to share. Participation is free of charge, but it will be possible to leave a voluntary donation for future events.
Remote participation
We will allow remote participants to follow and ask questions during the talk via Skype. Please send your Skype account name in advance in the registration form and we will call you in. We will carry a technical check at 2PM sharp.
Contact us: adoption.finland[a t]
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