NewsProject Funds Granted to two Development Cooperation Projects of Interpedia

Project Funds Granted to two Development Cooperation Projects of Interpedia

Interpedia was granted project funds for two development cooperation projects by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in July. One project will be implemented in Nepal and the other in Ethiopia from 2021 to 2024.

In Ethiopia, the project will be implemented in cooperation with Berhan Lehetsanat, Interpedia’s long term partner. The project aims to create sustainable solutions to rehabilitation and education of children with disabilities in Chilga area in Central Ethiopia.

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In Nepal, cooperation continues with long term partners Loo Niva Child Concern Group and Patan Community Based Rehabilitation in Southern Lalitpur. The project aims to improve the social inclusion of girls, low caste students and children with disabilities in the schools and communities of the project area.

Both projects will be implemented in close cooperation with local authorities and communities so that the local actors can continue the work after the project ends, thus leading to sustainable results.

“Granting of the funds shows clearly that our work for the rights of vulnerable child is effective and trustworthy” comments Anja Ojuva, the Executive Director of Interpedia.

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