Jardín de la Niña María home for girls in Bogotá

Interpedia’s sponsorship program in Colombia

The conditions of children in Colombia have improved over the last decades, but children from poor families still often live in an unsafe environment. Violence, kidnappings and armed robberies are common in the country. Children from poor families may drop out of school.

Jardín de la Niña María (JNM) promotes girls’ education in Bogotá. Together with JNM, we provide the girls with school admission fees, school uniforms and education materials.
JNM also offers them tutoring, activities in the afternoon and additional vocational training for the older ones.

JNM’s work in Colombia reaches almost 300 girls annually, offering them a peaceful and a caring environment and the possibility to study. Some of the girls also live in the children’s home.

Our partner in Colombia:

Jardín de la Niña María – Education and care

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