Development cooperation Development cooperation projects

Development cooperation projects

Interpedia currently has development co-operation projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. The projects are financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, with a 7 % to 15 % self-financing part covered by Interpedia.

Berhan Lehetsanat

Creating Sustainable Solutions for Inclusion and Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities in Chilga Woreda, Ethiopia


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Kummikohde Nepal

Loo Niva & Patan CBR

Promoting the Right to Education and Protection of the Most Vulnerable Children (PREP), Nepal


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Kummikohde Nepal

Loo Niva

Strengthening Education Policies and Ensuring the Right to Education in Nepal (SEEN)


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Previous projects (from 2015 onwards):


Berhan Lehetsanat:

Creating a Safe and Equitable Living and Learning Environment for Children with Disabilities in Ethiopia, 2019-2021, Ethiopia

Access to Education for Children with Disabilities, 2017-2018, Ethiopia

Creating Access to education for Children with Disabilities, 2014-2016, Ethiopia


Educational Support and Economic Empowerment, 2015, Ethiopia


Loo Niva Child Concern Group:

Concern for Education II (CFE II), 2015-2017, Nepal

Education Governance Project (EGP), 2014-2016, Nepal

Loo Niva Child Concern Group & Patan Community Based Rehabilitation:

Accountable and Inclusive Schools (AISP), 2017-2020, Nepal

Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH):

Enhancing Child Protection Systems (ECPS), 2015-2017, Nepal

Promoting Child Rights through Educational Settings (PCRTES), 2014-2016, Nepal