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Children with disabilities in Chilga, Ethiopia

Creating Sustainable Solutions for Inclusion and Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities in Chilga Woreda

Partner organisation: Berhan Lehetsanat

Project location: Chilga woreda, North Gondar Region

The disability specific project is designed to create sustainable solutions for inclusion and rehabilitation of children with disabilities in Chilga Woreda. The long-term change we wish to see in the project area is for children with disabilities to have an effective access to health, education and preparative employment opportunities and enjoy participation and inclusion in their communities.

To achieve the long term impact, the project aims, in four years (2021-24) to ensure that:

1) 640 children with disabilities are rehabilitated and local health office continues providing rehabilitation services as 17th package of their Health Extension Programme. (Article 26 of the CRPD)

2) Children with disabilities access an inclusive, quality and free primary education, secondary education and technical or vocational education on an equal basis with others. (Art. 24/CRPD)

3) 30% of Children and youth with disabilities and their families have an adequate standard of living. (Art. 28/CRPD)

4) Communities are socially inclusive to children and youth with disabilities and their families, and rights-holders and local DPOs are actively monitoring the rights situation. (Art. 29/CRPD)

The project takes a human rights progressive approach to development, working in close collaboration with government offices to build their capacity to provide health and education services and employment opportunities for children and youth with disabilities, ensuring sustainability of results.

The project will take place in sixteen kebeles (smallest administrative unit), covering 48 schools and all communities.

Final beneficiaries are about 640 children and youth with disabilities and their families, but systems level changes will benefit a much larger number of children and persons with disabilities.

Interpedia’s partner in Ethiopia, Berhan Lehetsanat, is an expert organisation in Community Based Rehabilitation and most of the selected approaches to work with government offices and with communities have been tested for their effectiveness.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland is financing 92,5 % of the project and Interpedia’s donations cover 7,5 %.

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