The Carings program for children with special needs in India (sn program) is suitable for married couples, families with children and single applicants. The children adopted through the Sn program have usually been under the age of three.

Waiting times in India vary greatly, depending on meeting the needs of the children in the sn program and the capabilities of the adoptive applicants.

Carings basic program is currently only recommended for applicants with Indian origin or applicants who are willing to adopt a child over the age of eight.


  • married couples and single applicants can apply
  • duration of marriage at least two years
  • the age of the applicants correlates with the adoptive child’s age
  • the applicant family can have biological or adopted children already in the family
  • good physical and mental health
  • sufficient financial resources to bring up a child
  • no criminal records
  • applicants in the sn-programme should have realistic expectations regarding the special needs of the child

Families are sought for children

  • the children adopted through Interpedia have mainly been children with special needs under the age of three.
  • the Special Needs program includes children of different ages with special needs (link to CARA’s Guidelines, list of special needs on page 60)

Estimated waiting time

  • waiting times in the SN program depend on the applicants’ capabilities and wishes for children/special needs and the needs of the children in the program
  • waiting times are difficult to estimate at the moment, but in the past years they have varied from less than a year to more than three years.

Adoption trip

  • the pick-up trip (approximately six to 12 months after the child proposal) takes about two weeks

Our cooperation contact in India

  • Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA)

More information on India: Tiina Hemming, Adoption Coordinator, tiina.hemming(at), tel. 050-469 9911.