• married couples (also same sex couples) and single applicants can apply
  • the age of the applicants correlates with the adoptive child’s age
  • the applicant family can have biological or adopted children already in the family
  • good physical and mental health (psychologist’s statement)
  • resources to adopt a child with special needs
  • adoption preparatory course
  • elementary Spanish skills or a study plan
  • in addition to these, some of our contacts in Colombia have their own criteria

Families are sought for children

  • during the past years the children adopted from Colombia have been 0–8 years old
  • children with special needs
  • also siblings and older children need families

Estimated waiting time

  • during the past years the waiting times (after the acceptance by the contact’s adoption committee) have varied mostly between 2–4 years depending on the needs of the children and the applicants’ capabilities and wishes.

Adoption trip

  • the pick-up trip (2–6 weeks after the child proposal) takes about three weeks

Our cooperation contacts in Colombia

  • Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF)
  • La Casa de la Madre y el Niño (LCMN)
  • Fundación Ayuda a la Infancia Hogar Bambi Chiquitines (at the moment Chiquitines has no need for new applications)

The costs in Colombia vary according to the contact. ICBF does not charge administration fees.

Interpedia has a country office and a representative in Colombia.

More information on Colombia: Marika Elmeranta, Senior Adoption Coordinator, marika.elmeranta(at) or 050-919 5380