• married couples and single applicants can apply
  • the applicant family can have biological or adopted children in the family
  • good health (a statement from a specialist is required if the applicants have a diagnosis)
  • adequate resources
  • social workers recommendation for an adoption of a special needs or an older child

Families are sought for children

  • with minority background, aged 2–9 years

Estimated waiting time

  • approximately six years in case of small children
  • in cases of children in special needs programme and older children the waiting time can be shorter

Adoption trip

  • first trip (to get to know the child) takes about one week
  • the pick-up trip (after 4−6 months) takes about one week

Our cooperation contact in Bulgaria

  • Family National Association (FNA)

More information on Bulgaria: Salla Hari, Head of the Adoption Programme, salla.hari(at), puh. 040 – 500 8309.