Interpedia Fundraising permit

Fundraising permit

Receiver of fundraising permit

Interpedia ry

Fundraising permit granted by

National Police Board of Finland (Poliisihallitus)

Permit number and date of permission

RA/2020/1449, granted 18.11.2020

Duration and area for fundraising

The permit is valid starting from 1.1.2021 everywhere in Finland, apart from Åland.

The purpose of fundraising

The collected funds will be used to promote children’s rights and child protection by focusing on improving access to education in seven partner countries which are Bangladesh, South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Colombia, Nepal and Thailand. The funds will be used in programmes implemented by local partner organisations.

Fundraising accounts

Nordea FI 32 2452 3800 0003 69

OP FI76 5780 3820 0720 63