Working for children with disabilities, schools and early childhood care and education.

Interpedia’s development cooperation and sponsorship programs in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Only half of the children who start in primary school finish their basic education. The status of people with disabilities is very weak in Ethiopia and only a small fraction of them have access to basic services. There are many families in which one or both of the parents have died of AIDS or been infected. The children from these families are in an especially vulnerable position.

Joukko lapsia jonossa.

Promotion of the rights of children with disabilities

Interpedia works in Ethiopia to secure the rights of children with disabilities.  The children are provided with care and their access to school is enhanced together with families and schools. At the same time, we work towards the eradication of misconceptions and shame regarding disabilities in the communities.


Our development cooperation aims at providing quality education both in the slums of Addis Abeba and in the rural areas. Because of the cost of school uniforms and education materials, many children have not been able to attend school. Our partner organizations offer these children the possibility to get an education in special education centers.

Early Childhood Care

We support early childhood care and education for vulnerable children from poor families. The children would otherwise be left to grow up in an unsafe environment, while their caretakers earn a living during the day. In day care centers the children grow up in a safe environment, get daily meals and are better prepared to start school.

Family Support

To secure that a child is able to develop well, the whole family needs to be supported. Training is provided, for example for mothers and other relatives of children in vulnerable positions, so that they can gain better income for their families. For example selling the local bread injera or raising chickens has brought extra income for many families. Because of the program families can also get access to health care.

Our partners in Ethiopia:

Berhan Lehetsanat – Education and rehabilitation for children with disabilities

German Church School – Education center for poor families

Maedot – Education and early childhood care

Betlehem Family Development Programme – Family Support

Berhan Lehetsanat

Creating Sustainable Solutions for Inclusion and Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities in Chilga Woreda



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