• married couples (also same sex couples) and a restricted number of single applicants can apply
  • the applicant family can have biological or adopted children in the family
  • good physical and mental health
  • at least five years’ duration of the relationship (applicant couples)
  • the age of the applicants correlates with the adoptive child’s age
  • adoption preparatory course

Families are sought for children

  • aged 0–6 years
  • mild special needs are possible, most commonly prematurity
  • children with more severe special needs and older children also need families

Estimated waiting time

  • approximately one year’s waiting time to send the application to South Africa
  • 1–3 years in South Africa
  • the waiting time depends on the child’s needs and the applicants’ abilities

Adoption trip

  • usually the family leaves for South Africa in two weeks after the child proposal
  • the trip takes about four weeks

Our cooperation contact in South Africa

  • Abba Specialist Adoption & Social Services (Abba)

More information of South Africa: Marika Elmeranta, Senior Adoption Coordinator, marika.elmeranta(at) or 050-919 5380.