Educational Support and Economic Empowerment

Project location:  Woliso & Dilela

Partner organization:  Maedot

Maedot is a child and women (especially mothers) focused indigenous NGO registered in 2000. Maedot has been undertaking education, care and support, economic empowerment program in Addis Ababa and rural areas.

The objective of the Ensuring a Future for Orphan and Vulnerable Children through Educational Support and Economic Empowerment of their Mothers project was to improve the educational and nutritional status of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) of the target communities in Oromya state and to sustain their welfare through economic empowerment of their mothers and caregivers. The main cause of problems is poverty and the effects HIV/AIDS. Orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) are educationally, nutritionally, psycho-socially and economically disadvantaged. As the mothers/ care givers of these OVC’s are poor and destitute almost all of the children cannot go to school unless they get support. The overall objective of the project was to contribute to the long term improvement in the social and living conditions of orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) and their mothers / caregivers in the project area.