SA Cares Director visits Finland

Sylvi Bodemer, the director of Interpedia’s South African development cooperation partner SA Cares for Life, visited Finland at the end of June. Interpedia’s Sponsorship Coordinator Elsa Korhonen sums up the news from the family support programme.

”A year ago, SA Cares programme changed so that now families are usually supported through the programme for 12 months. For most families this is enough to be able to become more independent. The goals that the social worker makes with the families are very important: the goals need to be realistic but meaningful for the families themselves. The families are in a difficult situation and need support in order for the situation to change. The most sustainable change can be achieved by taking ownership, not just receiving what is given from outside. The first year has showed that the concept works.

Sylvi Bodemer also described how neighbours and friends support each other in the communities of the project area, even though there are not many resources. This is something that maintains security in the midst of poverty and crime.”

On the video Ms Bodemer explains what effects the work of SA Cares has in the country-side and slums of South Africa. The biggest impact is the empowerment of women and consequently the positive changes in children’s lives, living environment and safety. Ms Bodemer discusses how difficult it sometimes is to measure this kind of results and impact.