South Africa

Interpedia’s development cooperation and sponsorship programs in South Africa

Even though the economy in South Africa has grown quickly, the majority of the population is still living in poverty. Regarding the distribution of income, South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world, with high unemployment and crime rates. AIDS is a major addition to all the other problems, as many families spend a lot of resources to survive with it.

Family Support

We provide comprehensive support for families in cooperation with our local partners so that children even from the poorest families have the opportunity to get educated and live in a safe environment. The children receive for example educational materials and school uniforms and the youngest have access to daycare. The families also get healthcare and assistance in acquiring personal identification papers. Vocational training is arranged for the adults. Hundreds of families finish the program annually, with better resources to lead an independent life, because of the support they received.


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Our partner in South Africa:

SA Cares For Life – Community-based family support program