Interpedia’s development cooperation and sponsorship programs in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and school drop-out rates are high. The quality of education is often weak and physical punishment is common. There are also thousands of child laborers, who are not able to attend school. Particularly vulnerable groups are girls, children with disabilities and dalit-children (casteless).


Education in Nepal is free, but school uniforms and materials need to be bought. This often prevents girls, children with disabilities and dalit-children from attending school. Our development cooperation in Nepal especially focuses on promoting the education of marginalized groups of children. At the same time, we aim to enhance the quality of education, so that children can go to school and learn in a safe and child-friendly environment.

Advocacy for child rights

Children have the right to be protected. Child labor, violence and sexual abuse are a part of too many children’s lives in Nepal. Together with our partner organizations we aim to make children’s rights violations visible and to get the government officials to start reacting to the violations.

Resisting the use of child labor

We work to decrease the use of child labor in Nepal. Especially in Kathmandu, wealthy families employ children to work as household helpers. We aim to return the children to their families.

Rehabilitation and education for children with disabilities

Children with disabilities form a very vulnerable group in Nepal. Children may be kept hidden and do not receive the treatment or rehabilitation they need. Our partner organizations do awareness raising, which has made more and more families willing to arrange rehabilitation and education for their children.

Support child rights in Nepal through donations


Our partners in Nepal:

Children & Women in Social Service & Human Rights (CWISH) – Education and support for child laborers and advocacy for children’s rights

Loo Niva Child Concern Group – Child-friendly education for children from poor families and improving education governance

Patan Community Based Rehabilitation (Patan CBR) – Rehabilitation and education for children with disabilities