Interpedia’s development cooperation and sponsorship programs in India

Even though the economy in India has grown quickly, the majority of the population is still living in poverty, either in rural areas or in the city slums. Fast population growth hinders the improvement of living conditions of the poorest people. The status of girls is weak and illiteracy prevails. Children with disabilities are often abandoned by their parents.


In India our development cooperation focuses especially on promoting access to education for children in vulnerable positions, such as girls and children living in slum areas. In addition, our local partners offer tutoring, vocational training and quiet spaces to do homework. Many of the children have lost their parents and thus we also support sustaining the day-to-day life in the home where the children currently live.

Promoting the rights of children with disabilities

We work so that children with disabilities can live in a caring environment. We support the children’s home run by our local partner, where the children receive professional treatment, food and care. Children who have disabilities are offered the opportunity to study according to their own level in government or alternative schools, or to receive vocational education. Parents get information on the rehabilitation of their children and our partners offer them support to fight against the stigmas regarding disabilities.

Support children’s rights in India through donations


Our partners in India:

Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW) – Education for children living in Delhi slums

Families for Children India – Support for education of children living in a children’s home