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The status of girls is often very weak in Bangladesh. Because of dowry payments, girls are often a financial burden for families and parents are not willing to support their daughters’ education. Girls are made to marry already at a young age, and abuse and violence towards them is common. Children living in city slums and in remote rural areas face exceptionally bad conditions, as their parents often do not have the financial resources to pay for their education. Often there are no schools or basic services provided in these areas.

Education & Care

We support a children’s home run by our partner organization in Dhaka. The children of the home have either lost their parents or come from such poor conditions that their parents are not able to take care of them. There are a lot of children with disabilities living in the home, where they can receive special education.

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Our partner in Bangladesh:

Families For Children Dhaka – Home-like care for orphaned children in Dhaka